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Bittersüße Schokolade(1992) Images

Bittersüße Schokolade was released in the year 1992。Bittersüße Schokolade is also called as Como agua para chocolate, Come l'acqua per il cioccolato, Como Água Para Chocolate, Kmo Mayim LeChocolad, Like Water for Chocolate, Przepiórki w platkach rózy, Suklaata, Kot voda za cokolado

This movie is about how life used to be in Mexico. It is a love story between Pedro and Tita, and why they coudn't get married because Tita's mother wanted her oldest daughter to get married first, and have Tita to stay and take care of her. It shows how marriage was imposed on those times, and how a love between two people can change everything. This picture set a new epoch in Mexican movies all over the world.

Bittersüße Schokolade Actors and Actresses

Bittersüße Schokolade actors and actresses include Lumi Cavazos, Marco Leonardi

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