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10 Rillington Place was released in the year 1971。10 Rillington Place is also called as Stryparen på Rillingto, Strangalistis tis odou Rillington, Rillingtonin kuristaja, Kvæleren fra Rillington Place, der Frauenwürger von London, John Christie, Estrangulador de Rillington Place, Dom przy ulicy Rilington 10, Assassino di Rillington Place n. 10

After subletting his upstairs London flat to a mentally deficient young man named Timothy Evans (John Hurt) and his pregnant wife Beryl (Judy Geeson), John Christie (Richard Attenborough) announces to the impoverished Evans that he is an accomplished abortionist and agrees to perform the illegal operation on Beryl in order to help them out of their jam. Arroused by the sight of her naked and unconscious form, however, Christie rapes and strangles her instead, then convinces the half-witted Evans that although she died from surgery, the police will probably believe Evans guilty of foul play and charge him with murder. Evans flees but is caught, tried, convicted of murder, and hanged. Based on the true story of British mass-murderer John Reginald Christie, who drugged, raped, and strangled eight women (one of whom was his wife) between 1940 and 1953, hiding their bodies in the garden as well as in a large cupboard, which he then covered up with wallpaper inside his home. A shy and sickly man (he was gassed during World War I), Christie could also be quite persuasive, which explains how he was able to lure many of his victims to his murderous lair at 10 Rillington Place, an address that eventually became as well-known to Londoners as 10 Downling Street. Directed by Richard Fleischer ("The Boston Strangler").

10 Rillington Place Actors and Actresses

10 Rillington Place actors and actresses include John Hurt, Richard Attenborough

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