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8 Heads in a Duffel Bag was released in the year 1997。8 Heads in a Duffel Bag is also called as Kopflo, Kahdeksan päätä merimieskassissa, Jäger der verlorenen Schädel, Fugindo da Máfia, Cabeças Vão Rolar, 8 têtes dans un sac, 8 päätä merimieskassissa, 8 huvuden i en sportbag

This is a very black comedy. A mob courier (Joe Pesci) is hired to transport the heads of 8 murder victims to a mob boss. However, the duffel bag gets mixed up with the bag of a college student (Andy Comeau) who is off on a vacation in Mexico with his girl friend (Kristy Swanson) and her parents (George Hamilton, Dyan Cannon). However, the mother is a recovering alcoholic whom everyone believes is delusional when she claims to have found heads. David Spade also appears as a classmate Pesci tracks down to find the student and leads to a cryogenic lab where they steal heads to replace the missing ones.

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