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A ciascuno il suo(1967) Images

A ciascuno il suo was released in the year 1967。A ciascuno il suo is also called as A ún matamos a la antigua, A cada uno lo suyo, Jagad av maffian, Kazdemu swoje, À chacun son du, Ston kathena to diko tou, We Still Kill the Old Way, Zwei Särge auf Bestellung, Mafian merkitsemä

Sicilia, late '60s. Two men are killed during a hunting party. The hurried inquiry indicates that it was a killing made for 'honor' reasons. Paolo Laurana is a leftist professor not convinced of the official truth and starts investigating by him-self. He finds some help by a solicitor, Mr Rosello. While investigating he is fascinated by one of the victim's widow: Luisa. But the reality is too different from what Laurana could image. Reality includes not only mafia and corrupt politicians, but also Church connections! The reality is that there could be only one end for Laurana. It won't take long.

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