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A Cigar at the Beach(2006) Images

A Cigar at the Beach was released in the year 2006。

On a family trip to Florida to visit his sick father, The Smoker leaves his napping, pregnant wife and his iPod addicted step-son in the motel room for a cigar at the beach. As a storm approaches, The Smoker pulls up a chair to the water's edge, smokes his cigar, and begins to pretend. At once, two high-octane Bikini-clad Asian tourists catch him off-guard and on-camera as they play and pose for the drugstore Kodaks they carry. As they begin to undress, The Smoker conjures up a more mature romance, The Woman in White for an exotic and erotic encounter. As they begin to make love, The Smoker gets the call from a distant Freighter and is instantly playing poker in the ship's belly with four Mariners from distant lands. The insight that their obsession with women echoes his own and has rendered them all quite mad drives The Smoker from the game. He retreats into a corrected but unsustainable vision of his own family. Then he sees-the wave. Huge, swelling, mystifying, the wave grips The Smoker in a wish for release. The Smoker walks into the towering wave which crashes over him. The sea becomes calm. The Smoker's chair is empty.

A Cigar at the Beach Actors and Actresses

A Cigar at the Beach actors and actresses include Cathy Shim

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