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A Dangerous Woman was released in the year 1993。A Dangerous Woman is also called as Veszélyes nö, Une femme dangereuse, Uma Mulher Perigosa, Suljettujen ovien takana, Mujer peligrosa, die tötet, Gefährliche Frau, Liebe, Donna pericolosa

Martha Horgan is mentally slow. She lives with her aunt Frances. She is known for NEVER lying. This causes her to get fired from her job; she tells on 1 of the other store employees, Getso, for taking 20 dollars out of the cash register. The owner thinks MARTHA did it, her being mentally slow and all. Back at the house, Mackey, who does odd jobs hears that Frances needs a worker to fix her porch. He ends up working there, only to become intimately involved with Martha. He is attracted to her naivete.

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