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A-Haunting We Will Go(1942) Images

A-Haunting We Will Go was released in the year 1942。A-Haunting We Will Go is also called as Dick und Doof als Geheimagenten beim FBI, Dick und Doof in geheimer Mission, Falska fakirer, Fantômes déchainés, Gangsters me to stanio, Hokus pokus, In geheimer Mission, ¡Qué par de locos!, Fula filurer

The boys are recruited by a gang of thugs to get a coffin containing one of their far from dead colleagues to Dayton to try and get at an inheritance. After the coffin gets switched with the one Dante the Magician uses in his act, his stage show gets more than usually popular.

A-Haunting We Will Go Actors and Actresses

A-Haunting We Will Go actors and actresses include Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel

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