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A Nightmare on Elm Street was released in the year 1984。A Nightmare on Elm Street is also called as Griffes de la nuit, Koszmar ulicy wiazowej, Nightmare - Mörderische Träume, Nightmare dal profondo della notte, A Hora do Pesadelo, Pesadilla, Pesadilla en Elm Street, Pesadilla en la calle del infie, Painajainen Elm Streetillä

Nancy is having nightmares about a frightening, badly-scarred figure who wears a glove with razor-sharp "finger knives". She soon discovers that her friends are having similar dreams. When the kids begin to die, Nancy realizes that she must stay awake to survive. Uncovering the secret identity of the dream killer and his connection with the children of Elm Street, the girl plots to draw him out into the real world.

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