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À Prova de Bala was released in the year 1996。À Prova de Bala is also called as Bulletproof, Kugelsicher, Jack y Archie, Bulletproof - Kugelsicher, Antiglont, A prueba de balas, À toute épreuve, À Prova de Balas

Rock Keats and Archie Moses are the best of friends and have spent the past year together performing various small time criminal acts. This all changes when they become involved in a major drug smuggling operation. Rock Keats turns out to be Jack Carter, an undercover police officer and tries to arrest Moses during a failed attempt to catch criminal mastermind Frank Colton. However, Moses ends up shooting Carter and makes an escape. Moses is later caught and agrees to turn state's evidence on Colton with one condition, Carter escorts him in. When they meet, both are bitter towards each other. Unknown to them, Colton's men have orders to take out Moses and arrive to shoot down the transport plane. Carter and Moses end up by themselves in the countryside with Colton's men closing in. Will they survive?...will their friendship?

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