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A Rainha Imortal(1934) Images

A Rainha Imortal was released in the year 1934。A Rainha Imortal is also called as The Rise of Catherine the Great, Catherine the Great, Grande Caterina, Catalina de Rusia, Katharina die Große

In 1745 a German princess, renamed Catherine, arrives to marry Grand Duke Peter of Russia, whom she initially likes. But his suspicious, unstable nature gradually estranges them, and Peter finds solace with pretty courtiers. Catherine invents her own (fictitious) lovers, temporarily improving matters. Alas, accession to the throne brings out the worst in Peter, and loyal Catherine is urged to assume power.

A Rainha Imortal Actors and Actresses

A Rainha Imortal actors and actresses include Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

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