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Addams Family Values was released in the year 1993。Addams Family Values is also called as Locos Addams II, Heliga familjen Addams, Familia Addams: la tradición continúa, Famiglia Addams 2, Addams Family in verrückter Tradition, Addams Family 2, A Família Addams II, A Família Addams 2

On any day of the week, you could expect a newborn baby to be nurtured and loved by his older sister. Except, of course, if it's Wednesday. Pubert is the latest addition to the Addams family and, to prevent sibling rivalry escalating to fratricide, Wednesday and Pugsley are shipped off to summer camp and a nanny is hired. Debby Jellinsky is great with wrinkling baldies, which makes her the perfect nanny for Pubert and the unlikely wife of Uncle Fester. The question is..."Is she grave-digging or gold-digging?"

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