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Advise & Consent was released in the year 1962。Advise & Consent is also called as Tempestade Sobre Washington, Burza nad Waszyngtonem, Myrskyä Washingtonissa, Sturm über Washington, Tempête à Washington, Tempesta su Washington, Tempestad sobre, Storm över Washington

Robert Leffingwell is the president's candidate for Secretary of State. Prior to his approval, he must first go through a Senate investigation to determine if he's qualified. Leading the Senate committee is idealistic Senator Brig Anderson, who soon finds himself unprepared for the political dirt that's revealed, including Leffingwell's past affiliations with a Communist organization. When Leffingwell testifies about his political leanings, he proves his innocence. Later, however, Anderson learns that he lied under oath and even asks the president to withdraw Leffingwell for consideration, especially after the young senator begins receiving blackmail threats about a skeleton in his own closet.

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