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Affair in Trinidad was released in the year 1952。Affair in Trinidad is also called as Romans w Trynidadzie, Przygoda na Trynidadzie, Mia nyhta sto Trinidad, Girl from Amen Valley, Dama de Trinidad, Affaire de Trinidad, Affæren i Trinidad, Affäre in Trinidad, Trinidad

When Steve Emery arrives in Trinidad at the urgent request of his brother, he is stunned to find that his brother has not only been murdered, but that his brother's wife Chris is succumbing to the seduction attempts of the man who quite possibly is the murderer. His feelings are further exacerbated when he discovers that he, too, is becoming strongly attracted to Chris, who is a steamy cabaret singer. She, in turn, is playing off one against the other while betraying the secrets of both men to the police, for whom she is secretly working.

Affair in Trinidad Actors and Actresses

Affair in Trinidad actors and actresses include Rita Hayworth

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