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Agori me to hryso heri was released in the year 1987。Agori me to hryso heri is also called as The Big Town, Big Town, Big Town - elämä panoksena, Braccio vincente, Chicago Blues, Mà d'or, Mano de oro, Gagne, Duze miasto

It is 1957. J.C. Cullen is a young man from a small town, with a talent for winning at craps, who leaves for the big city to work as a professional gambler. While there, he breaks the bank at a private craps game at the Gem Club, owned by George Cole, and falls in love with two women, one of them Cole's wife. Infuriated, Cole wagers everything on the craps table, including the Gem Club itself, and he and Cullen have it out.

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