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Al servicio was released in the year 1969。Al servicio is also called as On Her Majesty's Secret Service, al servizio segreto di sua maestà, 007 al servicio secreto de su majestad británica, 007 al servei secret de sa majestat, 007 A Serviço Secreto de Sua Majestade, 007 - Ao Serviço de Sua Majestade, Au service secret de sa majesté

Whilst on leave, British agent James Bond prevents a young woman, Tracy Draco, from committing suicide. Her father is the head of a powerful crime syndicate who is impressed by Bond and wants him to protect his daughter by marrying her. In exchange he offers Bond information which will lead 007 to his arch enemy Ernst Blofeld. At first Bond agrees to the deal purely to fulfil his objective to kill Blofeld but later he grows to love Tracy but when the British learn that Blofeld plans to destroy mankind with a deadly virus, 007 is torn between his loyalty to his county and his intent to marry Tracy.

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