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Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore was released in the year 1974。Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore is also called as Alice Já Não Mora Aqui, Alice Lo Gara Kan Yoter, Alice Már nem lakik Itt, Alícia ja no viu aquí, Alice bor inte längre här, Alice ei asu enää täällä, Alice lebt hie, Alice Não Mora Mais Aqui

When Alice Hyatt is suddenly widowed after years of domesticity, she decides to travel to Monterey, California with her 11-year-old son Tommy to resume a singing career. In Phoenix, Arizona she gets a job singing at a piano bar and begins a relationship with Ben, who turns out to be married and a spouse abuser. In Tucson, she puts her dream of singing on hold and becomes a waitress. She meets a farmer, David and begins to think about a new life of domesticity.

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