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Always was released in the year 1985。Always is also called as Für immer und ewig, But Not Forever

David was living the very quintessence of a happy life until, one day, his wife Judy expressed her wishes to end their marriage just out of the blue. On the night they are set to sign their final divorce papers, the notary protests and refuses to let them proceed with the signing of the papers when they choose not to refrain from kissing and indulging in marital affection. Judy stays the night with David and, the next day, David and Judy's best friends, long-married couple Eddie and Lucy, arrive as house-guests to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend. Soon after, Judy's sister Peggy arrives with her nebbishly taciturn boyfriend Maxwell. Together, the six of them comfort each other and fend off the passing of time and their explainable addiction to chocolate before a Sunday night gala attended by a great deal of their friends and family.

Always Actors and Actresses

Always actors and actresses include Alan Rachins, Henry Jaglom, Melissa Leo

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