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American Fork was released in the year 2007。

It's hard not to like Tracy Orbison. A dopey Midwestern guy who excels in the food-stocking profession, Tracy politely and passively lives out his days scribbling poems in a notebook during shift breaks and dreaming of making something more of himself. Thinking he may have found the answer, he enrolls in an acting class taught by a pompous Z-list has-been (played by a hilarious William Baldwin). Though things don't quite go according to plan, a tragically comic chain of events is set off that leads Tracy to take a more active role in his life, mentoring a young thug, fending off his obnoxious mother and sister, attempting to pass his driver's exam and trying to lose 'about ten pounds.' Much like producer Jeremy Coon's commercial hit, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, AMERICAN FORK shines above most of the 'dork comedies' that have been sweeping festivals across the nation. Like a more hopeful version of Todd Solondz's WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE, director Chris Bowman's film pumps you full of love for the main character, and you'll find yourself rooting for him through every awkwardly funny mishap. A different kind of everyman, Tracy Orbison reminds us all to take care when following our dreams.

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