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Amerikanische Freund, Der was released in the year 1977。Amerikanische Freund, Der is also called as Amerikanos filos, Amerikanske vännen, Amerikkalainen ystävä, Amigo Americano, Ami américain, Amico americano, The American Friend, Amerykanski przyjaciel

Tom Ripley has a sweet deal with an art forger. The forger creates the paintings; Tom sells them. But another criminal business associate wants Tom to go in for an even riskier enterprise: murder. Tom suggests his associate ask a local picture framer instead. That man has a fatal disease, or so it's rumored. More, he has a wife and kid that surely he wouldn't want to leave penniless. Let this picture framer be a hit man, and no one will suspect. The terminally ill craftsman may agree to the misdeed, and several more, but he'll end up needing Tom Ripley in a pinch.

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