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Angels and Insects(1995) Images

Angels and Insects was released in the year 1995。Angels and Insects is also called as Enkeleitä ja hyönteisiä, Engel und Insekten, Anjos E Insetos, Angyalok és rovarok, Angeli e insetti, Des anges et des insectes, Ángeles & insectos

The movie is a study of an aristocratic family in the Victorian England. William Adamson, a young scientist, is introduced into the aristocratic family Alabaster by reverend Alabaster who is also fascinated by insects. William marries the older daughter of the family and studies the amounts of insects in the garden of the villa. His - for the aristocrats - strange behaviours reveal at the same time their own failures and passions.

Angels and Insects Actors and Actresses

Angels and Insects actors and actresses include Kristin Scott Thomas, Patsy Kensit

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