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Angels in the Outfield was released in the year 1994。Angels in the Outfield is also called as Segredo dos Anjos, Enkeleitä takapesällä, Anjos Entram em Campo, Anges frappent et courent, Angels - Engel gibt es wirklich, Änglar finns!, Ángeles, Angels

Roger who has lost his mother is living separated from his father. As he and his friend J.P. are one of the biggest fans of the Los Angeles baseball team he has got only two dreams: Living together with a real family and let LA win the championship. As he is praying for these two things to happen some angels show up in order to help him - but he is the only one to see them and believe in them. Fortunately the coach of the baseball team sees his abilities and so LA has a run to the finals...

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