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April's Shower was released in the year 2003。

April's Shower is a comedy about love, romance and expectation. The story follows unpredictable twists and turns until it climaxes with a madcap finale. The hilarity belies the poignancy of truth and love and the laughter is punctuated with honesty, tenderness and pain. At the beginning, the cast assembles for a seemingly traditional wedding shower. The action is captured inside an eclectic, three-story craftsman - itself serving as a central character to the story. As the script progresses, layers are slowly pulled away revealing secret relationships and subversive undercurrents - the wedding shower quickly becomes a free for all. Just when we think we have a grasp on each character's inner-motives, more characters get sucked into the fray altering everyone's dynamic and the course of April's "perfect" shower. We open on the main character Alex, a chef, put out by her effort for the shower and struggling with her desire to make things "picture-perfect." She is really hiding her true emotional motivation behind a mask. As April, the bride-to-be arrives, Alex's mask begins to slip away. It slowly becomes obvious that Alex, the disgruntled maid-of-honor, carries a secret that effects not just the course of her life, but that of almost everyone at the shower. In the end, Alex unveils her secret, an act of truth, which forces this crazed cast of characters to re-examine their own lives. April's Shower demands you to ask how far would you go for true love and if you have the strength to live in your truth. Once you have walked into April's Shower you can never leave. The hunky pizza guy, the mad Scotsman and a parade of Firemen all become invited guests - men almost out numbering the women. With a shower like this, what could go wrong with the wedding?

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