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AstroEuros was released in the year 2007。

AstroEuros is a downright untruthful conspiracy story about the EURO and dark financial obscurantists in the German government. Lilith, working in the ministry, gets in a maelstrom of chicanery and intrigues. An overslept flea market potter from former GDR tries to help her. Curious satire on 'Old Europe' in these days!

A downright untruthful affair... But what's going on in most people's minds when seeing this movie is: What on earth is it all about? What about if the Euro is ruled by some curious esoteric freaks with the big moneys in their hands? And what, if the coin would be a symbol for the twelve stars and so on? Maybe you think, our conspiracy story concerning the Euro is a little bit too curious - but what if the reality here in the hearth of Europe would be a little bit like that?

AstroEuros Actors and Actresses

AstroEuros actors and actresses include Doris Schmidt

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