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Átila - O Huno was released in the year 1986。Átila - O Huno is also called as Attila (2001/I) (TV), Hunni Attila, o kataktitis, Attilas, Attila the Hun, Attila - barbarernas kung, Attila - barbaarien kuningas, Attila - Der Hunne, Attila, Atila el huno, o Huno, Átila

During the waning days of Roman Empire, the barbarian Huns are making their way torward Europe. A warrior named Attila violently assumes Hun leadership and unites the warring clans under his banner. But this is not enough for him, Attila seeks to form an empire, and he sees Rome, bristling under the leadership of the incompetent Caesar Valentian, ripe for the picking. In an attempt to quell a Hun invasion, ambitous Roman General Flavius Aetius attempts to form an alliance against Attila against their mutual enemy, Visigoth King Theodoric. But this plan backfires, and it soon becomes clear that a violent showdown between all three armies awaits.

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