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"Autograph"(2002) Images

"Autograph" was released in the year 2002。

If you have ever wanted the chance to meet a famous Star, and get their 'autograph', and ask a few questions...this is the program for you! In each of 26 hallf-hours, the beautiful Agata Gotova meets and interviews a Star from the Hollywood and International film world or a Music Star or a TV Star, even a Professional Sports Star! Not only does she get their 'Autograph' she gets a great intimate and highly personal interview. Edited with fantastic film clips, each Star is presented in a special way that opens them to the world in a whole new light. Atograph features interviews with Patrick Bauchau, Michael Caine, David Carradine, Tim Conway, Bo Derek, Robert Duvall, Angie Everhart, Ben Kingsley, Martin Landau, Laura Linney, Fayard Nicholas of the Nicholas Brothers, Michelle Phillips, Julian Sands, and Connie Stevens. Autograph has been recognized with a world medal in biography/profiles by the New York Festivals and a globe-gold award from the World Media Festivals in Germany.

"Autograph" Actors and Actresses

"Autograph" actors and actresses include Agata Gotova

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