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Aventures en Birmanie(1945) Images

Aventures en Birmanie was released in the year 1945。Aventures en Birmanie is also called as Objective, Burma!, Revansch i Bur, Operation Burma, Operacja Birma, Objetivo: Birmania, Objectiu: Birmània, Obiettivo Burma, Kosto Burmassa, Junglens musketerer, Held von Burma

A group of men parachute into Japanese-occupied Burma with a dangerous and important mission: to locate and blow up a radar station. They accomplish this well enough, but when they try to rendezvous at an old air-strip to be taken back to their base, they find Japanese waiting for them, and they must make a long, difficult walk back through enemy-occupied jungle.

Aventures en Birmanie Actors and Actresses

Aventures en Birmanie actors and actresses include George Tobias

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