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Avventura in oriente was released in the year 1965。Avventura in oriente is also called as Harum Scarum, Verschollen im Harem, In My Harem, Harem Scarum, Harem Holiday, Feriado no Harém, Elvis ja 1001 yötä, Elvis i haremet, Aventura en Oriente, A lo loco

Johnny Tyronne, action movie star and ladies man, is travelling through the Middle East on a goodwill tour to promote his latest movie, "Sands of the Desert". Once he arrives, however, he is kidnapped by a gang of assassins who were so impressed with his on-screen adventures that they want to hire him to carry out an assassination for them. He naturally refuses, and following his daring escape he makes his way across the desert back to civilization, pausing every now and then to sing a song or two.

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