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Baby the Rain Must Fall was released in the year 1965。Baby the Rain Must Fall is also called as Última tentativa, Último intento, Dziecino, deszcz musi padac, Lady und der Tramp, Megali apopeira, Nie powstrzymasz deszczu, Polttava maa, Sillage de la violence, Kaderin oyunu

Henry Thomas is out on parole in a small Texan town and, in the evenings, he is the lead singer in a band. He is being pressured by his foster mother to give up his singing and go back to school. His wife, Georgette, and young daughter unexpectedly come to town to live with him. However Henry's hot temper leads him into knife fights, and jeopardizes his parole.

Baby the Rain Must Fall Actors and Actresses

Baby the Rain Must Fall actors and actresses include Lee Remick

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