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Bethune: The Making of a Hero was released in the year 1990。Bethune: The Making of a Hero is also called as Dr. Bethune, Bethune: il mitico eroe, l'étoffe d'un héros, Bethune, Bethune - sankarin synty, Bethune - Ein Arzt wird zum Helden, Bethune - A Revolução de um Herói

Based on the true story of Canadian doctor Norman Bethune, this film traces his life from his beginnings with his deeply religious family in Ontario, through his medical studies in school, where he developed his overwhelming compassion for those less fortunate, and his driving desire to see that they get the medical attention they need. Most of his life after college was spent either working in war zones around Europe or developing new treatment techniques in his home country. He died in 1939 of blood poisoning contracted while caring for members of the Chinese army in their fight against the Japanese in WWII.

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