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Beverly Hills Madam was released in the year 1986。Beverly Hills Madam is also called as Callgirl Club, Ladies of the Night, Reines de la nuit, Signora di Beverly Hills

A bordello catering to rich and wealthy clients, run by Lil Hutton experiences a series of crises as one girl ends up pregnant, and another dead. As a subplot, a young woman, Julie Taylor, makes a trip to LA to surprise a friend, but never finds her. Julie is mugged, and seeks help from Lil Hutton. She sees how much the prostitutes are making, and is tempted into the lifestyle. On her first "job" is hired by a rich father for his 18-year old virgin son as a birthday gift, and they fall in love. But the relationship comes to a quick end as soon as the son learns she is a "whore"; Julie breaks down and runs off after realizing prostitution is a cold and loveless occupation that cannot fulfill her emotional emptiness.

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