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Bienvenue à Los Angeles was released in the year 1976。Bienvenue à Los Angeles is also called as Welcome to L.A., Willkommen in Los Angeles, Welcome to Los Angeles, Enkelten kaupunki, Bienvenido a Los Angeles

This mosaic comedy-drama tells the story of a La Ronde-like circle of romantic adventures and failed affairs centered around a songwriter named Carroll Barber (Keith Carradine) and his father Carl Barber (Denver Pyle). There is a trail of Carroll's past relationship spread throughout the city of Los Angeles. Barber is an aloof womanizer who cannot commit to any relationship, and is used to illustrate the loneliness of Los Angeles big-city life. Among the women in his life are Ann Goode (Sally Kellerman), a lonely real estate agent, Karen Hood (Geraldine Chaplin), a Valley housewife addicted to taxi rides, Linda Murray (Sissy Spacek), a woman prone to vacuuming in the nude and Nona Bruce (Lauren Hutton), the snapshot-taking mistress of a wealthy man.

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