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Bilhete Caído do Céu was released in the year 1997。Bilhete Caído do Céu is also called as Just the Ticket (1999/I), The Ticket Scalper, Rakastunut huijari, Meu Adorável Sonhador, Gary & Linda, Billets pour deux, Bilet în plus, Biglietti... d'amore, Como caído del cielo

Gary is a charming guy, but Linda is tired of his grand plans and schemes. All of which have gone down the drain. Gary is a 'scalper'. Together with his friends and his 'Guardian Angel', Benny, he buys tickets to events and sells them off at highly increased prices. This doesn't really make him rich and proves to be more difficult than usual when a new guy gets into town, strong-arming all of Gary's sources. But then the gift of heaven arrives. The Pope is coming for a visit. Gary wants to make a lot of money on this so he can finally get one of his (more decent) plans for Linda off the ground and really work on a lasting relationship with her.

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