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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was released in the year 1989。Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is also called as Bill & Ted - Uma Aventura Fantástica, Bill & Ted - paluu menneisyyteen, Bill & Ted's verrückte Reise durch die Zeit, Alucinantes aventuras de Bill y Ted, Bill kai Ted - Ta kaka paidia pane pantou, Bill y Ted, Billin ja Ted, Bill & Teds galna äventyr

Ted "Theodore" Logan and Bill S. Preston esquire won't graduate if they don't do well in their history presentation. This would be both bogus and uncool ! A dude called Rufus comes from the future in a telephone box to help them, as their lives are apparently rather important to the future of mankind ! They travel through time doing some interesting research for their history presentation, and generally being excellent to each other !

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