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Billy Two Hats was released in the year 1974。Billy Two Hats is also called as Verinen pako, Un colt pour une corde, The Lady and the Outlaw, Paranomoi, Mia pistola per Billy, Halvblodet, dos sombreros, Begrabt die Wölfe in der Schlucht

When someone gets killed during a bank robbery by Deans, half-breed Billy Two Hats (Gregory Peck and Desi Arnaz, Jr.) and their partner, the robbers flee. Sheriff Gifford (Jack Warden) tracks the robbers, killing one of them and capturing Billy. Deans escapes, but during a successful plot to free Billy from the Sheriff, Deans is shot, leaving him unable to walk or ride a horse. Billy, not wanting to abandon his friend, builds an Indian cot to drag Deans behind the horse. With the Sheriff hot on their trail, Deans and Billy try to stay one step ahead of the many obstacles which threaten their lives and freedom.

Billy Two Hats Actors and Actresses

Billy Two Hats actors and actresses include Desi Arnaz Jr., Gregory Peck, Jack Warden

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