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Bleeders(1997) Images

Bleeders was released in the year 1997。Bleeders is also called as Veren kirous, The Descendant, Herencia de sangre, Hemoglobina, Hemoglobin - creature dall'inferno, Hémoglobine, Hämoglobin, Blodsoffer, Hemoglobin

A man with an unknown disease travels to an island with his girlfriend where his relatives once lived, hoping to find a cure to his illness. While it was thought that his relatives were all dead he actually finds them to be living underground. However because they have been inbreeding for all these years they don't look right, plus they have developed a pretty bad eating habit. Will he chose his girlfriend or his people?

Bleeders Actors and Actresses

Bleeders actors and actresses include Kristin Lehman, Roy Dupuis, Rutger Hauer

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