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Blutrache(1941) Images

Blutrache was released in the year 1941。Blutrache is also called as The Corsican Brothers, Korsikanska bröderna, Vendicatori, Korsischen Brüder, Korsikan veljekset, Justicia corsa, Korsikanske brødre

Douglas Fairbanks jr plays Siamese twins, separated by a good doctor [scalpel hemostat sutures quickly!!] after their parents are killed by Vendetta, personified by Akim Tamiroff in bolero suits. One goes to Paris, one to the Corsican Mountains to become, respectively, a gentleman and a bandit. What will happen? "I have performed the miracle I have separated their bodies. But what of their souls?" Lucien [the bandit] feels everything Mario [the Parisian fop - I mean, gentleman] feels. 20 years pass...then another year...and they are reunited in Corsica. Banditry and vendetta and a beautiful Corsican countess ensue.

Blutrache Actors and Actresses

Blutrache actors and actresses include Akim Tamiroff, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Henry Wilcoxon

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