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Body Double was released in the year 1984。Body Double is also called as Tod kommt zweimal, Testemunha de Um Crime, Swiadek mimo woli, Omicidio a luci rosse, Kuolema tulee kahdesti, Dublê de Corpo, Doble de cuerpo, Doble cuerpo, Dihasmeno kormi

Jake comes home to find his girlfriend with another man and has to find a new place. In between his acting workshops and his job in a vampire B-movie, he scans the paper looking for anything. He happens to meet a fellow actor who needs a house sitter. Both are pleased with the arrangement that will have Jake staying in the house and for a sweetener, Frank shows him his 'favorite neighbor', a well built woman who strips with her window open each night. Jake becomes obsessed with meeting her and is able to help recover her purse from a thief, but shows his own phobia, he is incapacitated by claustrophobia when the thief runs through a tunnel. When Jake witnesses a murder, he finds out that the police love to pin crimes on peeping Toms. Jake discovers that here are just too many coincidences but must hunt them down himself without the police.

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