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Bossa Nova(2000) Images

Bossa Nova was released in the year 2000。Bossa Nova is also called as Miss Simpson, Bossa Nova et vice versa

Rio lawyer Pedro Paulo is recently separated from his travel agent wife Tania. His office has taken on an energetic new intern, Sharon. Pedro Paulo is working on a divorce case - his own father's... Mary Ann is an English language teacher living in Rio. Her friend Nadine has been having an Internet romance with Gary, a SoHo artist. Nadine decides to visit Gary in New York; she books her flight through Tania... Soccer star Acacio is going to play for a team in England. He has been taking private lessons with Mary Ann. Is he reading too much into the word "private"? Pedro Paulo catches a glimpse of Mary Ann and decides he should study English again... Acacio needs some legal help with his new contract. He goes to Pedro Paulo's office, but the only one in is Sharon...

Bossa Nova Actors and Actresses

Bossa Nova actors and actresses include Amy Irving, Stephen Tobolowsky

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