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B.P. Birthday Present(2004) Images

B.P. Birthday Present was released in the year 2004。

'B.P. Birthday Present' is a dramatic tale of two Russian men: Andrey, the assassin who is under contract by the Russian Government to take out Boris, a successful businessman who escaped from Russia to come and hide in the United States of America. The surprise is waiting for the killer when he carefully studies his victim. Once Andrey arrives in America and locates Boris, he runs into trouble with a local psychotic criminal, who interferes with Andrey's perfect plan. Now Andrey has to alter his plan in order to eliminate Boris, his wife, and his little daughter. The 'Birthday Present' changes the lives of both men, Andrey and Boris.

B.P. Birthday Present Actors and Actresses

B.P. Birthday Present actors and actresses include Oscar Ray, Peter Zhmutski

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