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California Suite was released in the year 1978。California Suite is also called as Kaliforniai lakosztály, Malon California, Neil Simon's California Suite, California hôtel, Um Apartamento na Califórnia, Verrückte California Hotel, Viikonloppu Kal, Suita kalifornijska

4 totally different and seperated stories of guests in a hotel. Maggie Smith and Michael Caine came from England to attend the Oscars; Jane Fonda came from New York, Alan Alda is her ex who lives in California; in the slapsticky part Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor and their wives come to the hotel to relax and play tennis and find there is only one room vacant; in the fourth segment Walter Matthau has come a day before his wife for his nephew's Bar Mitzvah, his brother: sends a prostitute to his room.

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