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Call Me Bwana(1963) Images

Call Me Bwana was released in the year 1963。Call Me Bwana is also called as Koiranleuka Afrikassa, Djungelagenten, Der er en løve i mit telt, Chiamami buana, Bob auf Safari, Appelez-moi chef, Amo de la selva

A returning moon capsule with vital information goes off course and lands in Africa where the little-known Ekele tribesmen find it. Washington orders the great African Authority Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope), an utter fraud and authority only on feminine pulchritude, to go find it. A foreign power sends Secret Agent Luba (Anita Ekberg) to go after Matthew and stop at nothing - absolutely nothing - to get it from him. Dr. Ezra Mungo (Lionel Jeffries) is peeved that Luba superseded him, and is sent along posing as her father but has plans of his own. All meet and form a safari but there is time out for a golf match between Merriwether and Arnold Palmer (Himself). After reaching their destination, with Merriwether madly in love with Luba, they find that the Ekeles believe the capsule is a holy talisman and won't give it up.

Call Me Bwana Actors and Actresses

Call Me Bwana actors and actresses include Anita Ekberg, Arnold Palmer, Edie Adams

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