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Calles de la ciudad was released in the year 1931。Calles de la ciudad is also called as City Streets, Vie della città, Straßen der Weltstadt, Straßen der Großstadt, Storbyens hajer, Pulverfaß New York, Carrefours de la ville

Nan, a racketeer's daughter, is in love with The Kid, a shooting gallery showman. Despite Nan's prodding, The Kid has no ambitions about joining the rackets and making enough money to support Nan in the lifestyle she's accustomed to. Her attitude changes after her father implicates her in a murder and she's sent to prison. During her incarceration, her father convinces The Kid to join the gang in order to help free Nan. When Nan is released, she wants nothing more to do with the mob and tries to get The Kid to quit, but she may be too late.

Calles de la ciudad Actors and Actresses

Calles de la ciudad actors and actresses include Paulette Goddard, Sylvia Sidney

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