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Cars - kun autot ottivat vallan(1974) Images

Cars - kun autot ottivat vallan was released in the year 1974。Cars - kun autot ottivat vallan is also called as The Cars That Ate Paris, Voitures qui ont mangé Paris, które pozarly Paryz, Samochody, Killer-Autos von Paris, Cars That Eat People, Cars, die Paris auffraßen, Autos

A small town in rural Australia (Paris) makes its living by causing car accidents and salvaging any valuables from the wrecks. Into this town come brothers Arthur and George. George is killed when the Parisians cause their car to crash, but Arthur survives and is brought into the community as an orderly at the hospital. But Paris is not problem free. Not only do the Parisians have to be careful of outsiders (such as insurance investigators), but they also have to cope with the young people of the town who are dissatisfied with the status quo.

Cars - kun autot ottivat vallan Actors and Actresses

Cars - kun autot ottivat vallan actors and actresses include Terry Camilleri

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