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Casa 4 (Witchcraft), La(1988) Images

Casa 4 (Witchcraft), La was released in the year 1988。Casa 4 (Witchcraft), La is also called as Démoniaque présence, Evil Dead 4, Ghosthouse 2, Evil Encounters, Malefiche presenze, Witchcraft, Witchcraft - Das Böse lebt, Hexenbrut

A pregnant woman is taken back to the house of her husband's mother. There she begins to have strange nightmare about her child and step-family. For the husband and mother are actually reincarnated lovers who were burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft. She must soon escape from their clutches or have her child sacrificed to Satan.

Casa 4 (Witchcraft), La Actors and Actresses

Casa 4 (Witchcraft), La actors and actresses include David Hasselhoff, Linda Blair

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