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Catch That Girl was released in the year 2004。Catch That Girl is also called as Catch That Kid, Ningu&#23, Mission: Possible - Diese Kids sind nicht zu fassen!, Mission sans permission, Misión sin permiso, Klättertjuven, Atrápenlos, Mission Without Permission

A remake of the Danish blockbuster "Klatretosen," CATCH THAT GIRL is described as "Ocean's 11" or "Mission: Impossible" for kids. The action-packed caper revolves around a 12-year old girl who, with the help of two friends, robs the state-of-the-art bank where her mother works to acquire the cash needed for a costly operation to save her dying father. During the heist, the kids overcome high-tech security systems, guard dogs, and a nasty head of security to get to a bank vault suspended 100-feet above ground.

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