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Chain Lightning(1950) Images

Chain Lightning was released in the year 1950。Chain Lightning is also called as Teufels Pilot, Des, A Morte Não É o Fim, Asalto al cielo, Pilote du diable, Jet-pilot, Llama en el espacio, Paholaislentäjä, Piloot van de duivel, Assalto al cielo

Matt Brennan runs into Jo Holloway, the Red Cross girl he romanced in Europe when he was a flyer in World War II, when he is offered a job by jet manufacturer Leland Willis as a test pilot. Carl Troxell, wants to sell an escape cockpit to the Air Force. He wants Matt to stall the presentation of JA-3 the prototype that doesn't include the ejection seat, to give him more time for the experimental JA-4. But Matt doesn't believe it is yet safe enough to try.

Chain Lightning Actors and Actresses

Chain Lightning actors and actresses include Humphrey Bogart

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