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Chambre du fils was released in the year 2001。Chambre du fils is also called as Stanza del figlio, La, Ett, Rum i våra hjärtan, Pojan huone, Giovanni, To, Sønnens væ, Camera fiului, Quarto do Filho, Habitación del hijo, Domatio tou yioy moy

Giovanni is a successful psychoanalyst who has to put up with the seemingly endless string of trivial details his patients ramble on about. Yet his family provides a loving and steadfast foundation for his life that can even survive a problem like their son, Andrea, being accused of stealing a rare fossil in school. That foundation is profoundly rocked when Andrea dies in a scuba diving accident. Although the usual arrangements run smoothly, the emotional harm is profound. Giovanni begins to obsessively dwell on the missed chances he had with his son that might have saved his life, even blaming his patients. In addition , his wife is inconsulable and his daughter is becoming anti social in their loss. In the midst of this turmoil, a secret of their son's life is revealed that provides healing in a way they never anticipated.

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