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Chasing Papi was released in the year 2003。Chasing Papi is also called as Papi chulo, Naistenmies pulassa, Bomba Latina, 3 femmes pour un papillon, Amante para tres

A comedy which revolves around three disparate women--a buttoned down lawyer from Chicago, a Miami cocktail waitress, and a wealthy, sheltered New Yorker--who discover they share something in common: a boyfriend from L.A. Unfortunately, they are all involved with the same irresistible, charming lothario who has been three-timing them across the country, with great expertise. They decide to teach their papi chulo a lesson, but instead end up on a wild adventure of their own, which takes them to a beauty pageant, a dance festival, and into some dangerous run-ins with a pair of shady characters.

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