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City of Fear was released in the year 2001。City of Fear is also called as Cidade do Medo, City of Fear - Stadt in Angst

When reporter Steve Roberts acts on a call from his good friend, Dr. Charlie Venco, urging him to leave Seattle and report on a hot scientific story in Bulgaria, he ends up in a world of disappearance, death and deception. It begins with Dr. Venco's suspicious death and funeral where he meets Alexa Campos, a beautiful associate of the doctor's. A romantic liaison between Alexa and Steve is thwarted by local thugs and military police who are all after the meddlesome Roberts. Roberts discovers what he should not - that the supposed blood research is in fact the development of a 100% addictive drug "Blue Mist" - and that Charlie was in on the whole deal with the Russian Mob. Roberts and Alexa must find a way out: their only hope being some pretty quick thinking and the best martial arts to ever hit Bulgaria.

City of Fear Actors and Actresses

City of Fear actors and actresses include Bashar Rahal

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