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Clair de lune was released in the year 1985。Clair de lune is also called as "Moonlighting", Moonlighti, Modelo e Detective, Model und der Schnüffler, Luz de luna, Konnankoukkuja kahdelle, Heldige helte, A Simlis és a szende, A Gata e o Rato, Par i brott

The top model Maddie Hayes was betrayed by her investment adviser who flew with all her money to South-America and began the hard life of a Casino owner. All the unfaithful manager has left Maddie is her house, her unbelievable beauty and intelligence and the run-down detective-agency "City Angels" (renamed by Maddie into "Blue Moon"). Because of her lack of money, she wants to sell the agency, but the houses only detective David Addison tries to convince her to join the agency as the new boss. So Maddie Hayes becomes involved in the work of a real private detective, which means so hard work as to spy upon unfaithful husbands, find missing people or murderers, foil attempts on VIP's lives, stop killers, help lovers and by the way save the world's peace and existence. While doing this Maddie and David try to get used to each other and this way they recognize their complete difference in life-style, humour, amusement and of course in the way how to run a detective agency. Maybe this is why they always seem to us as the perfect couple. Will they become lovers or not? The real thrill of the series you get, hearing the fantastic confusing, charming, frightening and senseless dialogues, seeing Maddie Hayes' eyes and David Addison's smile. Real cracks will be really amazed by Miss Dipesto's rhymes to the telephone.

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